Privacy policy

This sets out how using electronic traces you leave behind you when you visit our sites.

A cookie is a small text file that many websites use to recognize your computer each time. A cookie is a passive file and can not spread viruses or other malicious programs.

The following information is sent to the registered via cookies when you visit our website

  • which pages you have looked at and when
  • which browser you use
  • what resolution you have
  • which operating system you have
  • which site you visited immediately prior to our
  • the ip address you
  • which java version you have

We only use the information in connection with settling the operation and to prepare statistics that include can be used to improve the website.

Data from cookies can not be used to collect personal information about you. No information is passed on or sold to third parties.

You can always refuse the use of cookies on your computer by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. Be aware, however, that without cookies you may not use all the website's functions. Do not want to receive cookies from us, you can in most newer browsers choose advanced cookie settings in Internet preferences and add our site to the list of sites you want to block cookies. In here you can also delete individual cookies or all cookies, your browser has stored.

When you visit our website without having rejected or deleted cookies, you have accepted their use.

If you via our website asking to be contacted by sending an email to us or ask us to send brochures or the like, according to your name and possibly your email address, your telephone number. Information such as this, we use to process and respond to your request. Once done, the data is deleted.