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Investwits.com © is a site for investors who wishes to discuss their investment strategies and to give advice to others. For investors who want to stay on top and take care of their investments.

Investwits.com © offers you a unique platform where investors are sharing information to advise each other outside of the big banks and brokers. Investwits.com gives the opportunity to share ideas and investment strategies. The opportunity to gain views from other investors in the market that shares the same interest as you. Investwits.com gives the opportunity to ask questions to other investors that even sitting with the same investments as you. Use investwits.com as the tool when you need to manage and be better informed of your investments.

You build your own portfolio in investwits.com © by choosing the stocks, forex or asset class that interest you. This will give you access to the information and activity that relates specifically to your investments. You yourself are in control and will get a good feel for what other players in the market are thinking and feeling. It is a good alternative to the information you might get from the banks and the news when you prepare to make your investment.

Today, millions of investors, consisting of private, professional and public companies invest actively in the market. Investwits.com © makes it possible not only to draw inspiration, but also share and discuss ideas. All this supported by graphics or video.